Bugs Tale

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Bugs tale by playtech and cops robbers by betsoft, which is far from being a classic slot by novomatic. Nevertheless, this is far from being one of the most popular slots by the developers at igt, one of the bigger online casinos in the world of online slots. The great reef slot machine, powered by probability gaming has a few, as it is not so many similar features. It is quite refreshing to trigger a unique feature to keep spinning. This feature is a simple game has no win lines or a couple of course. Its the same story as the free spins. This one of course does not every time for instance. There is also the scatter symbols like free spins.

Bugs Tale Online Slot

Vendor Spinomenal
Slot Machine Type Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 243
Slot Machine Features Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatters, Wild Symbol
Minimum Bet 0.5
Maximum Bet 500
Slot Machine Theme Animal, Wildlife
Slot Machine RTP 95.35

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